Help! I’ve got to give a Keynote Speech!

Keynote Speech Workshop by Bob Ferguson – Berkhamsted – 26th of July – where else would you want to be!

Have you ever been asked to give a keynote speech and wondered why is it  different to a normal speech?

Well, giving a keynote can be quite straightforward if you just follow a few simple guidelines.

In this interactive session, Bob Ferguson will explain what a keynote is and how we can simply structure our speech to give an effective keynote.

He will look at :

  • Understanding the role of the keynote.
  • How to structure the speech to carry the message.
  • The simple formula that most keynoters use to get their message across.

In exploring the world of the keynote he will illustrate it with a top class example and we will construct a keynote speech during the evening.

Date: Tuesday 26th, July 2011

Time: 7.30pm for 7.45pm– 9.45pm

Ticket: £5 for Toastmasters, £10 for non-Toastmasters

Quakers Meeting House, 289 High Street, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 1AJ

Bob is a Toastmaster of 15 years and has won three different District Championships. He has delivered many keynotes and they must like them because he’s keynoted the Engineering Management Skills conference for the last eight years.

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