Adapt – a book that could have been written about Toastmasters

‘Adapt – Why Success Always Starts with Failure’

It makes sense, really, doesn’t it.  You don’t become successful, create new things, make new ideas work, without breaking the odd egg or two.  ‘Adapt‘ a book by economist Tim Harford, is all about learning from failure.

Harford shows through lots of great examples – from the simple toaster to the enormous disaster that was the credit crunch, that adaptation is vital.

Here are his three top tips for delivering success through failure.

  1. Try new things
  2. Try them in contexts where failure is survivable (i.e. small manageable activities, ringfenced from core activities, where you can afford the cost of failure)
  3. Learn from failure and apply that learning the next time.  Get a ‘validation squad’ – people who will tell you how it is, who care about you being successful, and have no vested interest.

He could have been writing about Toastmasters, couldn’t he?  Everyone does something new when they do a speech, an evaluation, any Toastmasters role.  It’s a totally safe environment – everyone is in the same boat – we get our own validation squad.  And we learn from our experiences and try them the next time.

A fascinating book – easy and enjoyable to read, with great examples and a useful, if not vital, message.  A happy read for any Toastmaster!

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