Plenty of Wit, not too many Half-Wits!

Ben Maguire, President of South West Speakers kicked his club meeting in style this week.  He informed members of their humorous speech and table topics contest, with the promise that there would be ‘Plenty of Wit, and not too many Half-Wits!’

The meeting was great.  Jackie did a speech about “Life’s Missing Instruction Manual” and Phil reproduced Obama’s speech about hope.  It was stirring stuff!

Then Tania did a great facilitation session on ‘Putting South West Speakers on the Map’.  This was really skilled stuff, but she made it look easy – here’s what she did;

  • Asked each club member what they had gained from being a club member
  • Asked for ideas for how we could promote the club
  • Asked each person to write down one thing that they would do to promote the club.  This bit went so well that even their new guest took on something!!
This was followed up by a very entertaining table topics session by Sue, who asked us to talk about various items in her grocery shopping.  I got toothpaste, and fortunately avoided the bisto.

A brilliant evening – well worth a visit if you’re ever on holiday in the wilds of Devon!

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