Drama in Speaking Workshop – Marlow Orators

Drama in Speaking Workshop – Marlow Orators

From Amanda Bouch, Marlow Orators

Marlow Orators is hosting a special workshop on Drama in Speaking on Thursday 20 October 2011, from 7:30 – 9:30 at All Saints Hall in Marlow and you are all invited.  This is an open evening for all Toastmasters and their guests, but be prepared to participate in the exercises.

I met Richard James at Maidenhead Arts Centre’s St. George’s Night in April, where he was giving the famous speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V Act III.  Richard lives locally and did sterling work with non-actors from Cookham to put on a play in the Cookham Festival, so I’m delighted that he has agreed to lead a workshop for us.

Richard is an actor and award-winning playwright, most well-known for his numerous television appearances in such shows as ‘Mysti’ and ‘My Parents Are Aliens’ and film credits including ‘Stormbreaker’ and ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’.  Visit www.richardjamesonline.com for more information on Richard.

In the workshop you will be working on skills such as:

  • Voice; breathing, tone and diction
  • The spoken word and ‘verbal dynamics’
  • Relaxation and posture

The first half of the evening will engage you in exercises to develop these skills – this will be one of the few occasions when you are encouraged to say ‘um’ and ‘ah’!  In the second half you can have a go at putting it all together with presenting a short poem/sonnet or similar, working first in pairs to practise a poem and then you have the opportunity to give it a go in front of the audience.

A couple of pointers for preparation:

  1. Learn a short poem / sonnet /short speech (something that allows you to use these skills to the full) so you are ready to work on how you deliver it on the night
  2. Wear comfy clothes, so you are not restricted in your movement.

We are charging a £5 per person for this educational and fun evening to cover our costs, including refreshments in the interval.  Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis, so please confirm your booking by emailing Click here to email.

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