Austere Times and Queueing for Cider in the first ever Division J contest!

Gareth McHale and Belinda King took the brand new shiny shields at the first ever Division J Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests.

Gareth managed to deliver his own austerity drive by ensuring that his sentences complied with a five word limit.  That required some tough choices, including a efficient rewrite of the national anthem, but he did it – mostly.


Belinda had us all slavering at the end of a long day at the idea of a pint of cider – we would all have joined her queue for her drink of choice.

It was a day that started with workshops from Martin Limburn, Chris Boden and Malachi Talabi, and ended with updates from Marlow Orators, Flourish and the Reformation Committee.  The first ever get together of the people from all five areas of the South West Corner of the UK – great stuff.

Next stop Glasgow – will you be there to cheer our champions on?

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