Web Check!

How good is your your Toastmasters club website and social media engagement?  Find out how researchers evaluated charity websites and social media.

Analysis of the 300 charity websites included calculating how easy it is to find contact details, whether the site is accessible to people with disabilities and its search facility.

Use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is also assessed to ascertain how the charity engages with its followers and reaches out to the online community. The quality and frequency of interactions through social media are analyzed.

I think we can learn from them – here is what they looked at;

Social Media

Loyalty – Number of Facebook “likes”, number of Twitter followers and the number of YouTube subscribers

Activity – Number of Facebook charity wall posts, number of Twitter tweets by the charity and the number of uploaded YouTube videos

Engagement – Number of comments to charity posts, number of likes for charity posts and number of Twitter @ mentions of charity.


Website – Can font and colour options be changed? Are social network links on homepage?  Are contact details visible on homepage? Is there a contact us button on the homepage? Is there a search function on the site?

For the full article, click here.

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