Progress on Goals and Developing Leadership in Area 22

In Brent Knoll all the Toastmasters shared feedback on how they were doing on the goals they had set for themselves back in July 2011.

Cheltenham Speakers are on their way to 10 DCP points.  Voice of Wales are moving onto Easy Speak. Thamesdown have advanced manuals on display so that new members can see life after the CC. Armada have their first press release out there, celebrating the fact that they are in third place of all the clubs in the UK and Ireland for educational attainment.  North Avon are planning their 2oth birthday party with a big posh dinner.

With sessions on membership growth & retention, the CL manual and feedback as leaders, the Area 22 team had an active and energetic day.  Even better, it was a chance for everyone to hear about the new club that’s on the way – Cardiff Toastmasters have their launch meeting this week.  Excellent!

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