Cardiff Toastmasters are Here!

Congratulations to the Cardiff Toastmasters Team – they put on a launch event to remember.  Kicking off with a Voice of Wales tradition – a standing ovation to celebrate their first meeting, as well to encourage Nigel deliver a phenomenal icebreaker – here is a man to watch!

Michelle Coffey, President of North Avon speakers, did a fantastic speech about overcoming fear Mohhamad Ali style in her speech ‘Sting like a Speaker’ and Gwenno Williams from Voice of Wales gave us a wild table topic about her lust for sugar.

Hats off to President Abdullah Almuhaisen and Sponsor Tessa Perry on a fantastic start to a club that’s on it’s way to chartering!

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6 Responses to Cardiff Toastmasters are Here!

  1. Thanks Jean for your wonderful Evaluation and support.

    Best Regards,

  2. Tony Bennett says:

    Looking forward to Wednesday 7th March 2012 at Tribe Tribe. Will there be an opportunity for new members to speak this week?

    • Tessa Perry says:

      Hi Tony
      We will be delighted to hear you and other new members give a table topic this week. Since Abdullah posted, the prepared speaking agenda is full with Toastmasters apart from the reserve. As soon as you become a member you can give your first prepared speech and the agenda for Match 21st is not full – but I think you said you may not be attending that meeting? Look forward to seeing you on Weds
      Best Wishes Tessa

  3. Hi Tonny,
    I am happy to see your comment here 🙂
    Tessa will be the Toastmasters of next meeting and there will be three speeches : an Ice breaker (Myself), Toks (Emmanual) and also there will be a third gust speaker.

    Best Regards,

  4. Abdullah Almuhaisen says:

    Tonny, Thanks for publicising for Cardiff Toastmasters and the guest will be more than welcomed.

    Best Regards


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