Division J ends its first year in style

Well done to all 28 clubs in Division J! We already know that at least four of our areas are distinguished and two areas – Area 22 and Area 42 – are Presidents Distinguished, as is the Division. And behind those reports are a hundred stories of challenges faced and enormous effort given to provide a great environment where people can develop confidence and skills.

We started out the year as a brand new division, with areas brought together from three different divisions. Now we are one team and have welcomed two new clubs – Ferndown and Cardiff.

I’d like to thank the Division leadership team for all their efforts and achievements this year – well done to everyone.  Good luck to the new team for 12/13!

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4 Responses to Division J ends its first year in style

  1. Graham Frost says:

    Fantastic achievement – President’s Distinguished in the first year – way to go Division ‘J’!

  2. Tessa Perry says:

    That’s terrific news Jean, you have given us tremendous support and commitment . The results prove what can be achieved with a lot of hard work combined with strong leadership
    Tessa Perry
    Asst AG Area 22

  3. Thanks Jean,

    Cardiff Toastmasters managed to reach this point with the support of many clubs and hard work of the executive officers with guidance of the mentor of the club Tessa Perry.

    And for sure on top of that, the great support from you and Charlotte.

    Abdullah Almuhaisen

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